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Our concept

Reach your company’s goals with our risk concept

Our methodology is based on a five-step concept with pedagogical training and practical applicability for companies. It is supported by a focused pragmatic risk management with incentives for good management structure, control environment and compliance with laws & regulations, with a consistently good business ethics.

How it works

Situation analysis

We identify the present maturity level by analyzing the GRC process. The result can be a recommendation for further action.


We perform cost-efficient activities throughout the GRC process, or part of the GRC process, in order to increase the prioritized level of maturity.


In order to increase the maturity levels we perform pedagogical and cost-efficient trainings, seminars and works shops.


We either support or help implement the decided activities after training has been carried out.


After completed implementation we always perform a follow-up, with a “second opinion” if requested for your company and business partners.

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