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Risk management

Efficient initiatives for a transparent risk management agenda

Risk Management is management’s discipline that calls for corporations to identify all the risks they face, to decide which risks to manage actively, and then to make that plan of action available to all stakeholders as part of their annual reports. By putting together ERM initiatives, companies are supposed to focus on the downside of risk as well the upside.

What can we do for you?

Risk Management process design

We design internal processes for efficient risk management

Establishment of decision bodies

We establish dedicated decision bodies within risk management


We conduct workshops focused on risk and risk management

Standards och quality control

We support the process for risk management standard ISO 31000 and quality control standard ISO 9001

Mapping of risks and governance

We map internal and external risks as well as the maturity of governance within your company, partners and competitors

Risk management in corporate governance

We integrate a 360 risk management perspective in your company’s corporate governance structure

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